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More About Vicki

Successful businesswoman, award-winning author, inspirational speaker on conscious living & leading, wife, grandmother, and world adventurer...

Vicki Sandler became CEO of her own life, that is, ‘Chief Energy Officer’ and incubated the proven principles (the 3 A's process)t o living and leading an energized life as CEO of a start-up green energy company, APS Energy Services (APSES). APSES grew over ten years to $220 million in revenues, $80 million in assets and over 100 employees. APSES was eventually sold. Vicki previously held management positions of increasing responsibility in the sister company, an electric utility, APS. APS was also a subsidiary of Pinnacle West Capital Corporation, an $11 billion dollar company.

Prior to management, She represented APS before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and Arizona Corporation Commission as the senior energy attorney. She handled Federal and State energy and regulatory matters, and APS employee equity disputes. Vicki also worked in private practice and clerked for an Arizona Supreme Court Justice.

After 27 years in corporate America, in 2008, Vicki formed the consulting company, Wearthy (“worthy”) Ideas, LLC. She also remains influential in energy issues as the Executive Director of the AzISA,, a non-profit energy scheduler. Vicki has a J. D. with distinction from Arizona State University and a B.A. from University of Arizona in Economics, graduating Phi Beta Kappa, where she also authored published papers with Dr. Vernon Smith, a Nobel laureate in behavioral economics.

Vicki speaks professionally, holds workshops, coaches leaders, and writes on energized leadership. Her first book, Find Your Scream, Live Your Dream: Discover Your Inner Leader, won awards for the 2012 Indie Career category and the USA 2011 Best Books Business Management and Leadership and Business Motivation categories. Vicki is working on her new book dealing with Lighten Up: It’s a No Brainer, Think with Your Heart for a Life of Meaning and Joy. She is working with cutting edge neuroscientists on the intersect of science and spirituality and how meditation can save you time and money and guide you to meaning each day.

She has a J. D. with distinction from Arizona State University (ASU) and a B. A. in economics, Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Arizona. Vicki is a founding member of conscious capitalism Arizona, a professional member of the National Speakers’ Association and formerly the Arizona Bar Association. She has lived in Phoenix most of her life, is an active volunteer with over 40 years of service for the YMCA as aboard member, former chair of the Public Policy Committee ,and with other charities. She is an outdoor enthusiast, world traveler, 37-year wife of a retired major felony prosecutor, proud mother of two ASU master level graduates, and grandmother. 

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