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“I resonated with Vicki’s writing. Vicki has a great and personal story to tell and in that story is a message for us all.”
– Jack Milligan, SPHR, GPHR, President of Leathers Milligan


“Through your coaching I experienced the importance of having someone to be accountable to; someone who allows complete transparency and listens well (including note taking).   You allowed me to listen to myself through your feedback, candor, and inquisitive nature. Our sessions revealed the importance of exploring and identifying past milestones in life when adjusting personal plans and I’m better prepared to develop a personal marketing plan, with a portfolio outlining the value I add to an organization.  Most important, I’ve been reminded to breathe and maintain an awareness of my physical health, recognizing my body as the vehicle for whatever I do while I live in this world.”

– Maureen Zaino, PhD and Director for a Global IT Corp

“I enjoyed your book very much–so meaty and upbeat–full of personal stories which makes it real, applicable, and powerful!”
– Kelly Athena, award winning author of Dancing Heart,

“Her story “screamed” of the universal corporate experience: preparation and experience meets opportunity, yielding great success only to be thwarted by cosmic and uncontrollable forces. But Vicki rises like a Phoenix from the ashes, through incredible personal introspection and revaluation on a highly introspective and personal exploration of the soul.”
– Jack Milligan, SPHR, GPHR, President of Leathers Milligan

“I observed and participated in the beginnings of the “Scream to Dream” principles that Vicki employed. Her people were all naturally interested in learning about themselves through the DISC and values instrument. She demonstrated that management cared about each person as a whole person. When a person sees value, it can lead to buy-in, so there wasnt much resistance to the process.”
– Joy Schwertley, PhD, an organizational psychologist, and President of DISCovery Profiling, Inc.

“As former Arizona State Chair for the Employers Advisory Committee, and HR Manager for APSES, I can contrast the working environment between APSES and many other companies. After being in the utility business for more than 40 years, and an HR Professional for 25 years, it was a breath of fresh air to work for APSES. Working with Vicki Sandler at APSES offered me the opportunity to participate in and contribute to a very unique environment. Vicki Sandler believed in hiring the right person for the job who had the passion and skills to take themselves and her company to new heights. My role was to work with APSES on hiring that right person and integrating them successfully into their workforce. APSES had a workforce committed to the company's goals and to their own growth. I contribute their commitment to Vicki, who constantly sought out the scream in all of her team members enabling them to utilize and maximize their strengths.”
– Linda Ricciardi, former Arizona State Chair for the Employers Advisory Committee, and HR Manager for APSES

“We had a team three times smaller than our competitors, yet continued to win and serve all kinds of quality energy customers to bring over $100 million in revenues year after year. We were able to explore and tap into the power of our intuition to develop new solutions to problems. The enormity of energy data was analyzed using our subconscious knowledge. Vicki’s willingness to be flexible to align employee’s strengths and desires in unique ways paid off. By following in Vicki’s lead in investing in each person getting to better know his or her strengths, we grew an amazingly effective small, but strong team that had unparalleled results.”
– Bob Anderson, Vice President, Retail Commodity, Con Ed Solutions and former Leader of APSES Commodity Operations

“The leadership truly cared about people and demonstrated that caring in a consistent, structured, and organized way. I had previously worked in some corporate environments where the culture was one of blame, procedures, and being right at another’s expense. It created a toxic, cold and hostile atmosphere. As an IT leader, I had difficulty feeling that I was working with the customer. In contrast, the RSVP goals of our energy company created a cohesive, cooperative environment, where it was easy to understand, appreciate, and feel good about the part that we were all playing to make the company a success. As individuals and as employees, we all want feel that we are doing something of value. The RSVP goals provided a concrete and consistent method of measuring our contribution to the company and to our fellow teammates.”
– Jan Means, IT leader

This book must be on every entrepreneurs and managers bookshelf, easily accessible and referenced often. Vicki shares many personal learning experiences that translate into helpful strategies involving management, group dynamics, best fit approaches and work team environments. You can draw from it quickly and find a variety of tools to fit employees to their best roles, allowing them to excel, exceed and accomplish everything put in front of them. It offers self-help tools to develop your personal leadership style. A quick read and a tool for anyone in corporate America!
– Georgiana Anderson, college professor and business leader

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