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How to live and lead consciously joyously achieve the results you want 


Breakthrough conscious leadership was developed from Vicki’s life experiences where she learned to lead more from “heart than head,” and the success of their start up company. It combines cutting-edge neuroscience, quantum physics, medical and psychological principles, anchored by proven practices to help you optimize your time, energy, effectiveness and fulfillment in life and work.

Studies have consistently shown that the most effective individuals and leaders are among the most self-aware. When you become consciously aware and align your personal and professional goals with your unique passion and abilities you hold the key to sustainable success.

If you are ready to grow, evolve and become your own conscious leader — your own CEO (Chief Energy Officer) — in charge of the choices in your life, Vicki’s programs are for you … and as a result, you and your teams will:

  • GAIN new clarity that will result in more time and energy, and increased productivity for you and your team

  • STOP old habits and replace them with the new way you choose to be as your own CEO

  • IMPROVE your health, well-being and those of your team members

  • EXPERIENCE more joyful relationships at home and at work


You can energize your life and work through the proven process that Vicki developed over 30 years!  Vicki was fortunate enough to live it and incubate it at work. The start-up company Vicki led grew from 0 to 100 employees, from negative $10 million to $220 million in revenue per year and assets of $80 million.

We did it cooperatively, collaboratively and co-creatively by aligning an individual’s natural strengths and interests with his/her job. We helped people listen to their inner leader and understand where their energy was directed.

As a leader, I understood the necessity to integrate intuition with analytics.  I distilled my experience into proven principles that work on a personal and organizational level. Eventually, even doubting engineers on my staff became ardent believers. The best part is, it can be replicated by you. I have spoken to many audiences of hundreds of business leaders over my career. Let me show you how to accomplish more with less and with less pain and struggle.

Vicki is working on her new book dealing with Lightening Up: It’s a No Brainer, Think with Your Heart for a Life of Meaning and Joy. She is working with cutting edge neuroscientists on the intersect of science and spirituality and how meditation can save you time and money and guide you to meaning each day.

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