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A Tonic for Tumultuous Times

A tonic for tumultuous times-

In sum,

-limit your exposure to the news where “what bleeds, leads.” Because of the demand by people, there is a sensationalism in our news that fails to give the perspective that hundreds of thousands more people die of all kinds of illnesses every day other than Covid. Not that we shouldn’t be thoughtful about Covid due to how contagious it is--take precautions and keep perspective!

-say out loud each night at least least four things you are grateful for since our reptilian brain requires about four positives to offset one negative.

-consider a gratitude journal.

-share a joy.

-perform a random act of kindness.

-seek "solutions journalism rather than sensationalism."

-stay in the present without dredging up the past or fearing the future.

-find reasons to be cheerful says David Byrne of Talking Heads band in Freakonomics Radio Episode 417:

Advice on how to overcome our inherent negativity bias and lessen stress, raise our immune system and be optimistic.

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