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You Can Choose to Keep Your Peace By Being Mindful

I met Randy Miller, founder of WHEN®, at an event recently in Phoenix. Immediately, we connected in how we view the importance of living in a balanced way and of being mindful--of living and leading in a way where “Life Can Be Better!” as Randy would exclaim. WHEN® has an approach to corporate wellness focused on improving people’s lives through overall personal wellness in their career, health and being. I learned the importance of well-being and described to Randy how I accomplish this in my life and work and he asked if I would share it with you.

I know first-hand the benefits of being mindful and i have the science to prove it to disbelievers, as I was.

As a former attorney and CEO, I have run on A++ adrenaline most of my life. I was introduced to meditation about 7 years ago and was highly skeptical. I have personally changed for the better as a result of learning to live mindfully and I now meditate every morning. If I can do it—anyone can! For example, I lay in bed each morning and feel AS IF I have kept my peace all day. I choose not to let anyone take it away during the day! When someone pushes my button, I say to myself that I choose peace!

Mindfulness is fostered by meditation

📷I have had the privilege of being part of an international effort on brain mapping and mindful meditation. I am a case study in the best seller, You Are The Placebo (2014) by Dr. Joe Dispenza. Dr. Dispenza partners with other scientists to perform extensive research on the effects of meditation (which just means become familiar with yourself) during his advanced workshops. He and his team do brain mapping with electroencephalograms (EEGs)-as in the picture of me with the red cap on below.

I was brain mapped by Dr. Fannin, formerly of ASU’s neuroscience and leadership effort, who now has his Center for Cognitive Enhancement in Phoenix. Dr. Fannin has worked with MIT leaders on peak performance. Today’s science can measure whether your brain is functioning at peak. If so, it is “firing” in a balanced way between right and left, front and back. You think clearly, work smarter not harder, and have peace of mind. In the EEG, an all green brain is optimal. In my words, the green brain below is in ecstasy (not on ecstasy). My brain however, before I learned to meditate, had all the red depicted on the left picture and was in analysis paralysis.

The red is called “hyper-coherence.” For anyone who knows me, “hyper” is likely to be an attribute you would have assigned to me! You can see when a brain is in a “red-WHAT-IF worry loop” and stuck in just the analytical left brain. It is not accessing the full power of information from the right side to readily solve problems when in this mode. Information is not shared across hemispheres, resulting in suboptimal solutions and brain power. When you attain a whole brain balance, you are in the zone.

The really cool thing about all this science is that it can make a difference in your life when you achieve a ‘green, balanced brain.’ The EEG depiction of my brain waves between various levels (delta to gamma) with my eyes closed while sitting with my cap on (picture above) is the series of partially red brains below. (Hyper again!) HOWEVER, after just 5-20 minutes of laying or sitting with my eyes closed and becoming calm and shutting down the ‘mind chatter,’ my brain changed after just 30 days– look how much greener it is from the prior measurement just 30 days later!

Peace of Mind Made EASY

I have used guided meditations and can refer you to some easy ones! That is because I have experienced the power of it! Daily, I am in gratitude and know that nothing can really take me out of knowing how blessed I am! I have so much less confusion, more clarity, and solutions “pop into my head.” The way Dr. Jeffrey Fannin (below, left in the darker blue shirt sitting next to neuroscientists, Dr. Joe Dispenza and Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, right) explains this result is that resonation/vibrational frequencies “within us” connect directly to higher consciousness and we can process information quickly when we are in the meditative state. So, try it! Choose not to let anyone take your peace away.

Well-being in Mind and Body

If you need even more proof about the power of going within and meditating, Dr. Korotkov uses Electrophotonics. This is a break though technology that measures the body’s energy field utilizing the Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) digital Kirlian camera. Electrophotonics effectively captures and quantifies the energy emitted from the body. Electrophotonics provides useful information about the state of your health and wellbeing and the effectiveness of wellness enhancing choices. This technology is widely used in 42 countries across Europe in Hospitals, Universities and Clinics. It is approved by the Ministry of Health in Russia as a Certified Medical Device. Perfect alignment is shown by large spheres down the centerline. Smaller spheres indicate low energy centers. Spheres skewed to the left side of the person who is facing you in the diagram below, (relate to “keeping that energy to yourself or your inner circle” (introverted or self- related) and spheres to the right side of the body indicate “giving too much of yourself away” (or extroverted). My graph showed I was giving too much of my energy away, below, left diagram. After a year of meditating, I was no longer depleting my energy and have become much more balanced, refer to left diagram. This is health, my friends WITHOUT DRUGS!!

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