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Organizations don't transform. People do! 

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How Vicki Can Help

Change Your Energy to Change Your Life! is a self-study online video program that individuals and organizations have delivered to their workstation each day and it takes just 2-3 minutes/day for 30 days to achieve joyful transformation.


Energize Your 

Organization With a Transformative, Interactive Keynote, Workshop or Training that guarantees Vicki Sandler will excite, energize and engage you to become a conscious leader and a merchant of hope and meaning in your life and work, ultimately transforming you and your organization.!

Find Your Scream, Live Your Dream: Discover Your Inner Leader, is Vicki's first award-winning book on how to align with your natural strengths for success and happiness in life and work. Based upon her experiences with her associates, and the success of their $220M company, Vicki guides you through her 3-step process of conscious living and leading, joyful transformation, and inspired wellness.


Meet Vicki

Former CEO, entrepreneur, award winning author, inspirational speaker and grandmother.

Vicki Sandler is a successful entrepreneur and energy expert in every sense of the word, be it green, electrical or your personal energy--for everything is energy! She has a track record of guiding herself, her associates and you to consciously direct your personal energy and that of your organization’s to create the results you desire. 


Vicki is an award-winning author and professional speaker, but most importantly, she is the CEO (that is, “Chief Energy Officer”) of her own life! She was also the “CEO” of APS Energy Service’s start up and entry as the first competitive retail electricity and green energy company in the California market. Vicki’s own search for fulfillment lead her to leave the practice of law and become transformed as a business executive. Her journey as a former economist, who authored papers with a Nobel laureate economist; and as a senior energy attorney, who argued an appellate case before the former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia; to ultimately finding her passion, her “scream of joy from her core,” as a business leader, is the genesis for her award-winning leadership book, Find Your Scream, Live Your Dream: Discover Your Inner Leader. 


Vicki helps business leaders and individuals understand the energy connection and how to live and lead with power through her speaking, workshops and business and life coaching.  Be it conscious living and leading, consciously directing your energy to create the life and work you love, joyful transformation or inspired wellness, Vicki will guarantee results!!



In 90 Seconds Vicki Explains How Her Practical Proven “3A’s” Process That Transformed Their Start-up Company From $-10Million to >$200Million In Revenue Per Year For Over a Decade!


Jack Milligan, SPHR, GPHR,President of Leathers Milligan

Nobumichi Hara, Sr. Vice President Human Resources

Robin Hollis, PH.D, organizational change


“Vicki was wonderful and engaging in her talk…I can’t wait to read the book and apply her knowledge, so stay tuned!”

           -Jack Milligan, SPHR, GPHR, President of Leathers Milligan

“The principles shared by Vicki make her book a must read for any savvy global thinker or CEO. Vicki will encourage and inspire you to find your calling in life.”

            – Laura Alden Kamm, health professional and author​

“The compelling, yet plain language, in Vicki’s book aroused my brain and caused me to dig deep. Her method helps all people.”
            -  Michael Boguslawski (Bogey), the #1 consumer advocate, formerly with CBS Channel 2

“I trust Vicki’s whole person approach to leading will not only help each person listen to the physician within, but also find his or her inner leader and trust the wisdom it will reveal, in so doing you will not only become a happier, healthier, more fulfilled human being, but will also elevate our world one person at a time.”
            - Dr. Gladys T. McGarey, acclaimed holistic physician and author


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